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Joyas and Shoper- WordPress Shop Theme Documentation

To get all the Pro theme features, you have to activate some plugins. And need not to worry, it’s not a complex thing.

After activating the Shoper / Joyas Pro theme, you will see this notification:

WordPress Store theme Require Plugin

Now, click to start installing plugins, and you’ll be navigated to the Install Required Plugins page.

Just check all of them or some recommended plugins you like. And from the drop-down options, select Install, then hit the Apply button.

WordPress Shop theme Require Plugin

It should look like this when finishing:

WordPress Store theme Require Plugin

NOTE:- Remember, given below are the most important plugins for the Shoper/ Joya Pro theme.

So now, here is a list of the theme requires or recommended plugins, which need to activate to get the full functionality of your Shoper / Joyas Pro theme.

  1. Elementor Page Builder
  2. WooCommerce
  3. Codestar Framework
  4. Shoper / Joyas Pro Elements Addon
  5. WP Subtitle
  6. One-Click Demo Import
  7. Smart Variation Swatches for WooCommerce Pro
  8. Advanced WooCommerce Product Search Plugin
  9. WooCommerce Modal Fly Cart + Ajax add to cart
  10. Social Icons Widget by WPZOOM
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