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Page Templates, Page Settings offer different ways to change page layouts. The similarity of those terms is, at first, a little confused; let’s get an overview of what they each do.

How to change the page layout?

In general, there are only 2 simple processes to update the startup-shop theme.

1) let’s update the page layout Globally; please Navigate to wp-admin –> Theme Options –> Page Settings, and you will find the below screenshot .

Page Templates

2) Page layout update via page meta box, let’s go wp-admin –> add a new page –> Template and choose a template from the dropdown list 

Page Templates

How to remove/update the static page hero section?

You can show or hide the page here section or title. When you’re editing/adding a new page, this is what you should be looking for:

1) Using meta box to hide the hero section.

hide the hero section

2) Global setting to hide the hero section

hide the hero section

How to update the 404-page content?

With the startup-shop pro, you have options or customize the 404 page.

update the 404-page content

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