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diet-shop is translation ready & has a POT file inside the theme file language folder. There are many ways to produce a translation of a WordPress theme. To translate diet-shop to a different language (Localization) you will need to build a custom translation. We suggest using PoEdit to create a custom translation for diet-shop .

To create a custom translation you will need to take some steps:

  1. Download PoEdit and it installs on your machine:
  2. Locate the diet-shop.pot file in the languages folder of your theme, open it with PoEdit and hit create a new translation
  3. Translate necessary text strings. You will be able to come back and edit your translation later.
  4. Save the resulting file as your-theme-name-language_LOCALE.po, the .mo file will be compiled automatically. For example, for German language files should be named as Chromium-de_DE.po and
  5. Upload the saving files to wp-content/languages/ in your WordPress installation.
  6. Move to WordPress Settings and adjust Site Language in the dropdown.
  7. Save changes.

If you like to contribute to translating diet-shop , please feel free to let us know at Contact Page

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